Monday, May 21, 2012

Just get the Frog cleared
     My riding continues, and is still my favorite sport.
     Paula, in her infinite wisdom as instructor, has expanded my knowledge and interaction to include cleaning Lightning's hooves before riding. She showed me how to do it and, in my own typical overheated excitement, I asked if it's necessary to get under the horseshoe when she pointed out to me that Lightning isn't shod. In my favor, though, I did not think that "clearing the frog" meant she'd stepped on an amphibian.
     I'm going weekly now too, because it's surprising how much I can forget in two weeks! So we also start off in the saddling stall--at least I've got the saddling down pat, even though I still fumble around with the bit. But it's like a loosening up of my old joints there, practicing getting onto the horse (getting easier!) and reviewing how to sit. Every little bit counts.
     I'm pretty excited too because last lesson we did a lot of trotting--that is, going at the horse's second gear (first gear is walking). I've got the secret down now--hold onto the saddle with one hand. Wow, what a genius I am! But be sure, I won't forget that lesson. And I also remember to sit up straight (a new postures for me, as I've mentioned) and keep my heels down to stop the horse (keeping them up confuses the poor animal since heel contact usually means "go.")
     I'm also happy to report that I am not crippled the days afterwards from using muscles that I have never used before. Just really sore.

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