Thursday, July 5, 2012


We did this yesterday, with many friends; and also blew off about $200 worth of fireworks. We could not ask for a more fun time! I would show the whole betting form, but its in an incorrect file type. Oh well, just come next year and get your own!

2nd Annual Mighty Small Farm


Chicken Races Betting Form
Betting is 25¢ per bet.
This is your betting form.
1. Choose Your Chicken from the list below
2. Write your name on the space provided, and the time of the race.
3. Find the bet-meister.
4. Pay the bet-meister 25¢per entry—exact change only!!
5. The bet-meister will confirm (initial) your bet and return your form.
You have to bet to win!
In case of ties, the winners will have a quiz-off.
Each winner will blindly choose a question from the Chicken Box. The youngest person answers first, then in order of increasing age. Who ever get the right answer first wins!
Prize: A fresh chicken egg, payable later this week

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